Heroes Are The Ones That Live To Tell The Story

Have you ever felt like your patience was running thin? Have you ever felt like the closer you get to the things you want, the further success seems? Have you ever just been so tired of trying to figure out what happens next, that you go into shut down mode? Advertisements

Greatness is NON-Negotiable

Have you ever gave something everything you got, just to be left with nothing? Have you ever gone after something that you were passionate about, just to be disappointed? Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a place where there was no out? Have you ever just wanted a chance to prove yourself?

Don’t Wait for the Inevitable to Happen; Take Charge of Your Life

Have you ever been so close to someone that you thought both of you were inseparable? Have you ever really meshed with someone that you just knew, NOTHING would ever break up the relationship? Have you ever felt like in one day, all that changed? Have you ever felt like you were outgrowing a relationship…

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Have you ever had this desire or dream to do something great? Have you ever felt like the closer you got to achieving that desire or dream the further away it felt to obtain? Have you ever felt like you were being punished for doing the right thing?

Greatness Doesn’t Come Without Sacrifice

Have you ever woke up happy and grateful😇😇😇? Have you ever started the day with the mindset that today was your day? Have you ever felt so high off of life that when reality set in, it felt like running into a brick wall? Have you ever just felt so angry 😡😡😡 because you try…

This is Not the End, But the Beginning

Have you ever felt like the more optimistic about a certain situation you were, the worst things got? Have you ever tried to remain positive, but your current situation gives you a million reasons why you should not?  Have you ever felt like you could help everyone else, but not help yourself?

The Waiting Game

Have you ever worked hard to achieve something and when you went to go reach for it, you just couldn’t have it the way you wanted? Have you ever strived and planned your next few steps in life, only for things to fall through? Have you ever tried so hard not to give up, only…

Reinventing Yourself Doesn’t Create a Failure

Have you ever been so delusional about a certain situation in your life? Have you ever ignored all the signs and arrogantly flaunted your flaws? Have you ever been smacked in the face by reality that what you thought you knew, you really didn’t know? Have you ever just felt so lost because you avoided…

Trust the Process

Have you ever wanted something so bad that the closer you got to getting it, the further away it seemed? Have you ever just chased after something so much, that sometimes you lose sight of what it is you desire? Have you ever felt like you were on the tip of your breaking point because…

Broaden Your Focus

Have you ever craved companionship, love, loyalty or some type of relationship excessively that thought of not having it caused you pained? Have you ever felt like, there has to be someone suited with the qualities and characteristics for me? Have you ever drove yourself Insane searching, that you forfeit the one that is compatible for you because you keep…

Your Mindset Dictates Your Outcome

What happens when what you think you can’t accomplish, you end up accomplishing? What happens when the struggle that you think you can’t conquer, you end up  conquering? What happens when what you stressed about is no longer something you worry about? What happens when the thing that is consuming most of your time ends?