Hate: A Pernicious Trait

As children, we do not ask to be brought into this world
Our cry for help is often unheard;
What would it take before you help the little boy or girl
Why must we scream and shout before we are heard?

In the world full of heinous hate

I sit with a servant’s heart
Because all I can provide is love, nurture, and a hot plate.

Why do the mean get meaner
Why do they prey on the innocent;
To break them down and make them weaker
Hate is not a badge of honor and should not be seen as decent.

I refuse to let the horrible memory take a hold of me any longer
I will walk in love, peace, and a sound heart
Because, in the end, it will make me stronger.

~Arielle Burton

My poem was evoked by this headline:

60 Year Old Man Is Accused Of Slapping A Baby And Calling It The N-Word!?”

Unfortunately, for a man to have the audacity to slap any child is outrageous and unacceptable.  Regardless of the racial epithet, no child should ever be harmed. For me, it is sickening to see or hear about children being mistreated and abused; because children cannot speak up and out against the injustice being done to them.

Although this was a story from a few years ago. It is still awful how the storyline might have changed today, but the hate is still there. After, the Clinton versus Trump nail-biting election, it is heartbreaking to see people acting out on their fear, which translates into hate.

Joe Hundley, 60, lost his job with AGC Aerospace and Defense Composites Group for slapping 19-month-old Jonah Bennett. Hundley demanding that the crying child’s mother,

“shut that [n-word] baby up,” according to an FBI report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Jessica Bennett, 33, the adoptive mother, was traveling with Jonah on her lap from Minneapolis to Atlanta on Feb. 8. The change in altitude as the plane landed made the child cry. As she tried to comfort her child, Hundley insulted the child and demanded silence.

The aftermath of the slap left a scratch underneath Jonah’s right eye, reported Bennett to FBI. Nonetheless, Hundley created more of a problem by using force instead of politely asking the mother to calm her child.

So this post was revamped because as we move forward it is up to you to make a difference. Once while I was in college, one of my professors said:

“If you don’t want to be part of the solution, don’t become part of the problem.”
~Professor Adrian Oser~

From her, I learned that even though we may not be able to change history, we sure as heck do have the power to create a better future. With all the hate and injustice happening in the news lately, today’s challenge is to be above the ugliness and nonsense. As the holiday season quickly approaches, do something nice for someone and crack a smile to someone you would not typically smile at.

The incident referred to above is just one of the many situations that reminded me of my encounter with racism. These types of incidents rekindle my passion for being a voice for the voiceless and standing up for justice. I may not be able to save everyone but if one person’s life is saved or changed, to me that is considered a job well done.

“Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.”
― Muhammad Ali

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