It Was Never About The Applause

Have you ever felt like you continuously found yourself in the same place? Have you felt like no matter how good you tried to do, you just cannot seem to catch a break? Have you ever felt like maybe, you bit off more than you could chew? Have you ever felt deceived because no one told you about all the struggles you would face in life?

Life’s hardest lesson is accepting that there is no rulebook on how to live a successful life. There is a ton of information out in the world, but there is not a book called: How to be Successful without Hardships for Dummies. Oh, if only life were that easy. It would probably eliminate many of our troubles.


Honestly, it really sucks knowing that just because you do good and have high ambitions, smooth sailing is not guaranteed. Why does it seem like society makes it so difficult to want to do right? Why does it seem like society does not reward good behavior?

You know, good people need incentives to continue doing what is right, too. It is time out for rewarding people for doing wrong or even paying any attention to nonsense. We need to make doing what’s right and striving for self-improvement cool again. Just because a few are corrupt does not mean the majority has to follow suit.


So I dare you to continue striving for greatness and working hard. Because in the long run, you will benefit from it. A wise person once told me,

“If you never get any praise for the good you do, at least you get to go to bed with a clear conscience.”

You may never receive that “good job” acknowledgment that you crave, but one day all the good you do will lead to something huge. All those seeds of good and positivity that you plant will lead to a plentiful harvest. In the end, it is not about the accolades or the praise, but growth and those you have helped on your journey to success.



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