Mustard Seed Faith: The Extra Push to Greatness

Have you ever lost your faith in everything? Have you ever just felt like nothing you want happens, so why even bother believing that it will happen? Have you ever felt like you just threw in the towels and prepared for the next blow because life seemed to keep knocking you down?

See in life we get so caught up in what we DON’T have and what we WANT to do, that we take for granted all the beauties life has to offer. As life passed me by, an epiphany occurred.

My faith meter  has been very low. Nothing seemed too exciting, but everything seemed to annoy me. However, as each day went by and I spoke about what I could not do and what would not happen, and little by little what seemed impossible became possible.

So what is the point? Well, this week’s message is that as we approach the holiday season do not forget to wake up and smell the coffee. Meaning that be grateful for what you do have and believe that better is coming. Although what I am about to say is cliche, it’s so true.

“Things could be so much worse for you than they are now.”

faith-quoteI dare you to have the faith of a mustard seed. A bit of belief plus action creates unimaginable outcomes. When you give good things in life a try, you would be surprised what can come out of it. All you have to do is believe sometimes.

Through all the chaos and craziness going on in the world, there are still some good compassionate and caring people. Despite what seems like all the negativity that the media glorifies, when I took a step back and just observed people, I was in awe.


All is not lost.

Sometimes in life, we let the bad things that occur get the best of us. But guess what, life is what you make it. I dare you to get rid of the “woe is me” mindset and just have faith that better is coming. Then take the steps necessary to get you to where you want to be.

Will it be easy? HECK NO! However, doubting the process and having a pessimistic view will lead you further behind rather than propel you forward. The only way you lose is if you give up.



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