Wright’s Physics: One Man’s Unconditional Love for His Son

Questions unanswered torment me
My mind races, as I try to figure out how certain things can be
Why this and why that are questions I demand answers for
However, all the answers are just like before;
How come nobody seems to know?

Why do the bad prosper
Why do the innocent suffer,
Why do people live a life full of hate
Why am I so bothered, I cannot concentrate?

How can I save my loved ones from their pain
How can I save myself from the constant drain,
Of wanting to save them all
At times, I feel weak and think I might fall.

I am getting at my wits end
I just need a helping hand; I need a true friend
When will the struggle go away
There has to be a better day.

Questions unanswered will no longer bother me
I know that in this life, I will not know everything;
Why this and why that are questions that one day will be accounted for
However, my curiousity will be my guiding light because it is something I adore;
The answers may never be revealed but that will not ruin the love I feel.

~Arielle Burton

Jeffrey Wright, a physics teacher in Louisville, Kentucky has inspired my poem. Wright’s story is about his son, who suffers from a rare genetic disease, that doctors do not have the cure for. For some time, Wright struggled with not being able to understand why doctors had no answer but it was not until one day, that he learned his son is more than what people see physically.

NBC's Doctors TV Show
NBC’s Doctors TV show

NBC’s show The Doctors had Wright explain that one day his son and daughter were playing with dolls. From that moment on Wright realized his son was capable of understanding; so the family worked with specialists to teach the son sign language and improve skills. Wright realized that although his son was in a body his mind could not control, but there is a person inside waiting to express themselves to the world.

The day his son signed “Daddy, I love you,” changed this physics teacher’s perspective on life. Wright then was able to use his struggle as an example for teaching physics to his students. Through all he goes experiences, Wright is able to change the lives’ of others and they return the favor, out of appreciation.


Photo: Arielle Burton

Wright is an inspiration because his main lesson is that with love anything is possible. He encourages his students to find what they love and chase after it. Even though there is no answer to his son’s illness, Wright still is able to impact others’ lives; regardless of his own daily struggles.


“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.”

Brian Tracy

Stay encouraged.


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