Don’t Lose Sight

Have you ever laid awake in bed at night just dreaming? Have you ever wanted something so much, that all you could do is think about plans on how to achieve that goal? Have you ever been so focused that you hurt friends and family along the way, in hopes of accomplishing that dream? Have you ever felt like it was just you on a journey, when all the while, there were plenty of people in your corner?

dreamWell, first let us understand what a dream is. For the purpose of this post, a dream is something you are passionate about. This explains why you and me both toss and turn all night dreaming. The passion we have for whatever we want to accomplish runs so deep within us, that our minds truly never really get a break. There is so many talented people and dreamers everywhere. If you don’t believe me, just go to one of the major cities anywhere and you will see lost dreamers on the street.

workIn order for you to make your dream a reality, you have to put in the work. When you are up late at night and cannot sleep, try writing or researching ways or steps to get you closer to your dream. By doing this you are able to organize and focus your thoughts on a solid idea. Dreaming is never a bad thing but, when you sit on a dream or do nothing with it, then you run into a problem.

The honest truth is that on your journey to greatness, not everyone can be part of your vision. And quite frankly, not everyone wants to see you succeed. However, it is not wise to neglect those in your corner; time and time again, there are people who have shown you their loyalty so do not forget them. While on your journey to success, you may lose people but, it is not worth snubbing your nose at those who have helped you succeed.

Many times in life we make things about us when in reality it is not about us. Sometimes lacking patience and communication deters us from getting to the finish line quicker. There will be distractions that try to seclude you and get you off course. However, that is when you should rely on your resources and support system. Never be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

Do not get it twisted, there is nothing wrong with being independent and doing for yourself. However, as a dreamer, we have to remember we cannot do it alone. The saying is, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Just because something is not packaged the way you want it or seems like it has no use, remember that in life there are two types of gains: lessons and blessings. Either one will push you toward greatness if you can see the value in the teaching.

In this life, we need one another. You never know who will be in the position to help you after you have helped them and vice versa. My dad always told me as a child,

“You get further with a smile and a good conversation, rather than looking down at someone.”

The next time you are awake at night because you have this passion so deep within, write down goals, plans, or your vision, so that you can put to work what keeps you up at night. The next time you feel all alone, really think about who is in your corner that you neglect; maybe they are the key to the next level. Lastly, two is better than one. Remember that people are there to help; do not feel like your dream is a one man band or something you have to accomplish alone. Pick a few people who you feel you can trust and together go and


“A dream can only become reality, when one puts to action what their vision is.”

Arielle Burton


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lakeisha Cunningham says:

    I was truly encouraged to keep pressing forward and to support the dreams of those I love while in pursuit of my own ambitions.

    1. That is great!!! However, while helping others don’t lose sight of your dreams.

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