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Timing is Everything; It separates the good from the great

Have you ever received everything you asked for and more? Have you ever realized once you got it, you didn’t know what to do with it? Heck, did you ever step back and think “I’m not even ready for this?”

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Quitting Should Never Be Part of the Equation

Have you ever been close to the end of a goal and the closer you get to it, the further away it seemed? Have you ever felt like as you approach the finish line, you just get weary? Have you ever felt so drained that it seems like you have nothing left to give?

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Navigating the Transition, Tantrum Free

Have you ever felt like you were trying to go about things the mature way? Have you ever felt like you wanted to throw your hands up in the air and have a tantrum because things were not going your way? Have you ever felt like people were not even willing to meet you halfway, when you have already done most of the work? Have you ever felt like your good was just not good enough?

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Hate: A Pernicious Trait

As children, we do not ask to be brought into this world
Our cry for help is often unheard;
What would it take before you help the little boy or girl
Why must we scream and shout before we are heard?

In the world full of heinous hate

I sit with a servant’s heart
Because all I can provide is love, nurture, and a hot plate.

Why do the mean get meaner
Why do they prey on the innocent;
To break them down and make them weaker
Hate is not a badge of honor and should not be seen as decent.

I refuse to let the horrible memory take a hold of me any longer
I will walk in love, peace, and a sound heart
Because, in the end, it will make me stronger.

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It Was Never About The Applause

Have you ever felt like you continuously found yourself in the same place? Have you felt like no matter how good you tried to do, you just cannot seem to catch a break? Have you ever felt like maybe, you bit off more than you could chew? Have you ever felt deceived because no one told you about all the struggles you would face in life?

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Mustard Seed Faith: The Extra Push to Greatness

Have you ever lost your faith in everything? Have you ever just felt like nothing you want happens, so why even bother believing that it will happen? Have you ever felt like you just threw in the towels and prepared for the next blow because life seemed to keep knocking you down?

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Happiness in Disguise

Have you ever felt like you did not add up? Have you ever felt like you had so much to give, but were never given the chance to shine? Have you ever tried to be something you are not in order to get attention? Have you ever felt like your happiness depended on how others view you?  Continue reading “Happiness in Disguise”

Wright’s Physics: One Man’s Unconditional Love for His Son

Questions unanswered torment me
My mind races, as I try to figure out how certain things can be
Why this and why that are questions I demand answers for
However, all the answers are just like before;
How come nobody seems to know?

Why do the bad prosper
Why do the innocent suffer,
Why do people live a life full of hate
Why am I so bothered, I cannot concentrate?

How can I save my loved ones from their pain
How can I save myself from the constant drain,
Of wanting to save them all
At times, I feel weak and think I might fall.

I am getting at my wits end
I just need a helping hand; I need a true friend
When will the struggle go away
There has to be a better day.

Questions unanswered will no longer bother me
I know that in this life, I will not know everything;
Why this and why that are questions that one day will be accounted for
However, my curiousity will be my guiding light because it is something I adore;
The answers may never be revealed but that will not ruin the love I feel.

~Arielle Burton

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Don’t Lose Sight

Have you ever laid awake in bed at night just dreaming? Have you ever wanted something so much, that all you could do is think about plans on how to achieve that goal? Have you ever been so focused that you hurt friends and family along the way, in hopes of accomplishing that dream? Have you ever felt like it was just you on a journey, when all the while, there were plenty of people in your corner? Continue Reading!

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